Project Yourself Review – Could this really bend the reality?


Hey, Hallie here.

And you’re reading my uncensored review of what I really thought about Project Yourself.

Note – this is a review, click here to visit Project Yourself site.

Why am I writing this? Well, when I was thinking about buying Project Yourself, there weren’t many real reviews around so I thought I’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

So actually what is Project Yourself?

Project Yourself is an online program course, in which it’ll infuse our life with the most powerful ‘Reality Hacks’ in existence – all by using the ancient symbol – Sri Yantra.

The world’s most important Reality Hack is hidden in this 12,000-year-old symbol:

Sri Yantra

The program dives deep into the 9 levels of the Sri Yantra (and how each of them make you a better person), making use of the old ancient symbol to bend the reality and unlock a new life.

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Using the Sri Yantra as a map, Project Yourself consists of a sequence of learning sessions based on the 9 levels of the Sri Yantra, which are:

  • Level 1: Connect – How to supercharge your self-awareness and to discover a clear path to your inner self.
  • Level 2: Fulfill – How to fully empower your inner self, and fully understand, explore and begin to spark change in your external world
  • Level 3: Activate – Here is where you learn to switch on your own, personal superpower and begin to turn your innermost desires into reality
  • Level 4: Access -Time to really open both your eyes and your heart to the people and knowledge that will see you heading full speed towards achieving exactly what you want.
  • Level 5: Implement – How would you like to seriously attract both people and wisdom into your life that will help you fulfill your dreams?  Well, that’s what level 5 is all about.
  • Level 6: Protect: Here you discover how to stop any external and internal forces preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Level 7; Cleanse – Time to get rid of any negativity that might be hampering your efforts to succeed
  • Level 8: Accomplish – An incredible level where you literally unlock what is confining you to your current reality, and see you becoming free to really reach out an accomplish the impossible
  • Level 9: Create – This is where you gain the nourishment of knowledge, true clarity and the joy that you honestly can create anything you want.  In other words, this is where you become an unstoppable force, and your transformation is completed.

Sri Yantra 9 levels

For every twice a week there will be a set of immersive training materials and interactive sessions focusing on one of the 9 levels. This step-by-step system is designed to give us time to absorb each level, focus on the guide outlined in the program.

Apart from the ancient symbol Sri Yantra, Project Yourself covers something like sharpening our intuition, how to balance your chakras – which influences our career success and how much you get rewarded for it, lucid dreaming, astrology, channeling sexual energy into wealth, brainwave entrainment to drift upwards into a more relaxed state of mind, and heart intelligence.

Personally I found the program fascinating. I kept on using the program and found an unpredictable change within my inner self. Unlike the previous programs I used, I can say this program is totally different from others. Throughout the course of training, I feel like I am constantly evolving every day, and becoming the better version of myself I would like to be for so long. I feel like my heart center is opening wide and accepting everything. And I have been in a state of calm, ease and happiness since then.

Project Yourself enable me to have a MAJOR SHIFT in my life, which puts my entire life into clarity, and I finally unlock my inner potential and direction. I am able to think clearer, be more decisive and at ease. I feel like it’s especially effective when it comes to increasing wealth and happiness.

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Let’s talk about the ‘cons’ of the program, basically I really don’t think there’s any except that you should be committed to the program itself in order to achieve great result. And also, some may think the price would be a concern but I can firmly say that the value that you get from the program would be definitely tenfold, or even more, than the actual price you pay for the entire program.

Final Verdict: I highly recommend the Project Yourself program and I don’t see the reason why you should not give it a shot. It’s the few among many other program which I think which is truly effective, value for money, and achieves noticeable results. You should even recommend your family and friends to try the program if you would like to see them living a happier life since then!

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