Is there really a secret to BEND YOUR REALITY?

Sharing some of my background.. When I was graduated from University, of course, I was aiming to find my dream job and have a promising career. I tried my very best to figure out what am I passionate about and what I truly love to do. However, there always seems to be ‘mental blockages’ that prevent me to be where I want to be. No matter it’s about information overload, endless responsibilities, my personality flaw, or some unforgettable incident from my past – these things are making me stressed and frustrated…

One day, I wake up and decided to prevent this continuing and so feel like I should start searching for the true meaning of life. I am often inspired by how influential people worldwide are challenging ‘old’ systems, and thinking ‘out of the box’. I am keen to reinvent my own life, expand my horizon, engage in self-development, and elevate my belief system. I believe that there’s sort of an untapped potential lies within myself, and I believe I have to break through to what I truly want to be in your career, relationships, health and happiness one day.

So I bought lots of self help programs, anything from personal development/mind movies/meditation/Law of Attraction program. But these don’t really help… they are just repetitive stuff that I heard before and these do not really add much value to myself. I just feel like there’s something more I can do about my life.

And eventually, I discover a program called Project Myself. To be honest, at first I suspect this would be similar to other self help program out there and it does not make much difference, yet I still give it a shot.

In the next post I am going to really dive deeper and share my uncensored review on this reality bending program. Stay tuned!

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